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Corporal Phil Arnzen and Deputy Austin Smith are nominated for their bravery, courage, and for going above the call. Both were dispatched to an accident call to where the vehicle had left the road, overturning into a ditch full of water. One of the occupants from the car was pinned under the vehicle, placing them under water, trying to keep their head above it.

Arnzen and Smith then paged for the local volunteer fire department. With no time to wait for the other medical units to arrive, both officers decided to lift the car off the victim, being only option left to save a life. They were able to lift and move the 2,800 pound vehicle, in fact saving the victim’s life.  Corporal Arnzen and Deputy Smith were both awarded a Certificate for Valor and Bravery for their actions.

Deputy Austin Smith K-9 Patrol Corporal Philip Arnzen

California Casualty

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