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We see a lot of nominations from firefighters and peace officers – but this is the first nomination we’ve ever had that was a peace officer acting like a firefighter!

Tony was nominated because of his heroism during a structure fire in 2012. He responded to an apartment building where the second floor was fully engulfed in flames. When he arrived, an occupant of the building told him that an elderly woman and her son were still trapped on the second floor.

The staircase leading to the apartment was thick with flames and smoke, and visibility was nearly zero. As he reached the second floor, Tony entered two apartments and found them vacant. When his knocks on the third apartment door went unanswered, he kicked it in to discover two people still sleeping. He guided the male occupant to safety, then immediately re-entered the blaze to carry the elderly woman to waiting paramedics.

Tony suffered from smoke inhalation, briefly treated, and then released from the hospital. Because of his heroism, the occupants were unhurt.

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