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To her patients, Kathy is considered family for the care and love she gives. Kathy had such a large impact on those in her care, one of her patients wrote to us. This patient, at a young age, went through a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy. She says Kathy was the best nurse, going above and beyond to give her superior care.

As this young patient struggled with seeing others in similar situations pass away, Kathy was there to keep her spirits up – offering encouragement and a shoulder to cry on. Once she was healthy again, Kathy helped her restart her college dreams, even helping to locate scholarships. To this day, Kathy calls and emails her patient to make sure she is doing well.

Kathy goes above and beyond, making a personal connection with her patients and following through after treatment ends. She is an inspiration for her fellow nurses, and our nominee for hero of the month!


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