“We Protect American Heroes.”

When I first started at California Casualty more than two years ago, this was our new company tagline. Wrapped up in a nice shiny package by an advertising agency, it looked great sitting there under our logo. Every other insurance company had their snazzy marketing hook – the hands, neighbors, and funny reptiles talking about savings—and I figured this was ours. New to this company and our customers, I thought this was just another catchy slogan.

But then I started interacting with our customers on Facebook and Twitter… and everything changed.

I started to hear the stories. Stories about struggling teachers who were paying for resources out of their own pockets because they just couldn’t stomach sacrificing quality education for budget cuts. Stories from nurses worked to the brink of exhaustion who continued to give patients the best care they could. Stories of firefighters who–even while mourning the loss of a brother–continued to follow their fellow firefighters into burning buildings. Stories of peace officers who laid their lives on the line to protect someone they had never even met.

Then the light went on. We’re not just selling car insurance here. We’re playing a small role in making the lives of some very important people better. We’re working hard to take one small thing, one small worry, off their plates. We’re protecting their homes and cars so they can get back to protecting us. Right then, I made it one of my goals to develop a program to reward these Heroes for what they do. More importantly, I wanted to honor them.

That’s why we created the “Nominate a Hero” contest. We envision a platform for people to say “Thank you” to these Heroes we are so honored to serve. On top of that, we wanted to add a chance for one Hero to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip, as a small token of our thanks.

I was a little worried starting out. How could I convince management to pay for this? I admit that I underestimated just how deeply the family culture runs at California Casualty. From the very beginning, every person I shared my vision with was thrilled to have the opportunity to thank our Heroes. Their enthusiasm is truly a testament to the honor and gratitude we derive from serving our customers.

Thank you for everything you do to make our communities better. Please take a moment to check out our contest, and enter as many deserving people as you can think of.


Scott Randolph
Social Media Manager, California Casualty


To learn more about Nominate a Hero, or nominate your own hero, click here.

California Casualty

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