As Hurricane Sandy whirls her way ashore–teaming up with winter storm conditions and a full moon as she does so–it’s becoming more and more clear that this storm has the potential to be extremely dangerous and damaging to communities all along the East Coast

Late last week, we posted tips on how to prepare your family, self, and home for Hurricanes and Winter Storm conditions. To access that information–including checklists, preparation plans and pet and business info–click here.

As Sandy begins to make landfall, we want to make sure all those affected know where to get up-to-date, reliable information regarding evacuations, weather updates, and other emergency information.

Here are some emergency resources:

  1. This Google Crisis Map tracks Sandy’s progress, providing forecast tracks, current locations and active emergency shelter locations. Access the map here: Google Crisis Map.
  2. For the latest updates on Hurricane Sandy from the National Hurricane Center, click here.
  3. For a map of the latest warnings and advisories from the National Hurricane Center, click here.
  4. For state-specific information, click on YOUR state below:
    1. CT
    2. DE
    3. MA
    4. MD
    5. ME
    6. NC
    7. NH
    8. NJ
    9. NY
    10. New York City
    11. PA
    12. VA
    13. VT
  5. If you lose power or Internet signal and need to access Twitter to get Emergency Information, click here for tips on how to do so with your phone. For the Huffington Post’s suggestions on the Best Storm Tracker Apps, click here. We recommend following @FEMA to stay informed.
  6. It can be difficult to stay in touch with or reach family members during an emergency. The American Red Cross Safe and Well website allows you to register your current status or check on the status of your loved ones.
  7. To download the Free FEMA app for disaster safety tips, emergency meeting location information and a map of open shelters, click here.

As Sandy makes her way onto land, all those affected are in our thoughts. Please be smart and safe.

Not in Sandy’s path but looking to help those who are? Click here to head to the American Red Cross Donation page.


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