It’s officially September!

Goodbye Summer sunshine, hello Fall foliage!

Aside from being the season of cider and sweaters, Fall is also…

National Preparedness Month.

Here at CalCas, we will be celebrating by posting weekly Preparedness content right here on our Blog ūüôā

First on deck: A Preparedness App!

As a recent iPhone converter, I am all aboard the App train. I’m always on the lookout for exciting new stuff and this new app from the Insurance Information Institute¬†is one such find!

It’s called the “Know Your Plan” App and it’s all about streamlining your Disaster Prep Plans.

What you should know about this App:

What it provides:

    1. A library of preloaded preparedness checklists for disasters including:
      1. Hurricanes
      2. Floods
      3. Earthquakes
      4. Tornadoes
      5. Severe Cold
      6. Wildfires
      7. Evacuation
    2. Tips for preparing an emergency kit
    3. Important property protection information
    4. Step-by-step preparedness tips
    5. Custom lists for your personalized preparedness plan
    6. Targeted task completion dates
    7. Tools to chart your progress (including a countdown feature!)
    8. Checklists share options for family and friends
    9. Evacuation resources (even one for pets!)
    10. Geotargeted emergency alert feeds for up-to-the minute information about local evacuation routes and other disaster information
    11. User-customizable notes


As Fall and September swing into full gear, make sure you are ahead of the curve when it comes to Disaster Preparedness.

After all, you never know when you may need it.

By compiling disaster preparedness information and plans all in one place–on your phone–you are putting life-saving plans in place.

Stay tuned for more great Preparedness content throughout the month!

California Casualty

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