When I’m not busy finding, reading and writing blog posts, I also love to interact with our network of teachers on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

And recently I’ve noticed a topic of conversation that comes up over and over again– no matter which social media site teachers are using to interact.

Education and Technology.

As we transition into a world of smart phones, tablets, and social media, teachers are doing what they do best: learning about it. They are then taking what they learn and applying it to the classroom. And best of all?

They are helping each other adapt. They are all learning and teaching technology together.

Sharing their pins, retweeting advice, blogging their experiences.

It is such a cool process to watch.

So today, I am so excited to profile a blog that specializes in the Education Technology world. Today’s TOP EDUCATION Blog is…

Drape’s Takes.

This is Darren Draper. The man behind the blog.

Darren Draper is a Director of Education Technology.

And he asks this question:

His answer?! It doesn’t. His blog talks about how to use technology to make school interesting, fun and engaging.

Or, as he says:

So we caught up with Darren to learn MORE about Drape’s Takes. Here’s what he had to say:

How would you describe your blog? My takes on items of interest in the world of educational technology.

What is the focus or mission of Drape’s Takes? I focus on that place where education and technology collide – and what happens when it does or doesn’t.

Why did you start it? I started it as a personal space for reflection.

How long have you been writing Drape’s Takes? Since 2007.

What’s your favorite thing to write about? Controversial topics where I know I’m probably in the minority.

Do you have a least favorite? Technology tools.

Tell us a little bit about your blog ‘community’ … I love getting comments from people I’ve not yet met – that really make me think and consider the world through a new lens.

What has been your best experience as a blogger? Thinking deeply with others I’ve never met.

What have you learned? I’ve learned that most people that comment on my blog are earnestly looking for truth.

If you win Battle of the Blogs, to which charity will you donate your $200 winnings and why? Canyons Education Foundation because they provide scholarships to students and technology grants to teachers.


So, want to hear some of Drape’s Takes on all things education and technology? Check out his blog HERE! Then, go vote for your favorite education blog here!

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