Part of the beauty of the blog world is the opportunity to bring people together, to help facilitate the sharing of ideas and resources.

This is especially true among our Education bloggers. While our Police, Fire and EMT, and Nurse bloggers also share resources and mostly support, educators love to share actual lesson plans, teaching ideas, and other day-to-day resources.

And the blog world is the perfect place to bring teachers who all teach a specific grade level or specific class together to really target the sharing.

This is especially true of today’s blog: An education blog about Special Education.


A Special Kind of Class.

Amanda from A Special Kind of Class is a Special Ed Teacher and rockstar blogger.

Not only does Amanda have awesome experience-driven tips for special ed teachers, but she also has great general teaching ideas and resources for all educators (like adorable Father’s Day presents).

And she catalogs it all with great pictures.

Like most of our Battle of the Bloggers, Amanda’s blog is a testament to her multi-tasking skills. She participates in Book Clubs with other bloggers and maintains a great TeachersPayTeachers site where you can buy some of her original teaching resources.

Want to know more about A Special Kind of Class? Here’s our Q&A with Amanda:

How would you describe your blog? It’s a blog about the life of a special education teacher.

What is the focus of A Special Kind of Class?  I hope to give tips to teachers for working with special needs students.  All the products I made can be adapted and I show how I do it.

Why did you first start it?  There were not a lot of special education blogs out at the time.  I didn’t have anywhere to go to for teaching ideas for my population so I thought I would write it myself.

How long have you been blogging? Just over a year.

What’s your favorite thing to write about? Adaptations I make.

How would you describe your blog ‘community’?  I am surrounded by a group of other teacher bloggers that are wonderful in supporting others that are just starting out.  They welcome everyone, share tips etc.

What has been your best experience as a blogger? Finding other teachers with classes like mine that want to share and learn for each other.

What have you learned? That I’m not alone teaching the children that I’m teaching.

If you win Battle of the Blogs, to which charity will you donate your $200 winnings and why?  The Starlight Foundation because they grant wishes to families and children with disabilities.

Is there anywhere else on the web we can keep up with you? Yes, Facebook.

Want to check out some of the tips on A Special Kind of Class? Click here! To vote for your favorite education blog, click here

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