Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the land,
Not a member ignored, when they needed a hand,
Service reps on their phones, showing how much we care,
Whenever you need us, CalCas is there.

The educators celebrated, in their made-over lounge,
For ice and supplies, they’d no longer scrounge,
Firefighters entered some great giveaways,
Riding new Seadoos into hot summer days.

Nurses kept watch over the tired and sick,
But had comfy clogs, from jolly St. Nick.
Law Enforcement patrolled, keeping us secure,
While dreaming of Spring, and a long Harley tour.

When in the home office, there arose such a clatter,
Everyone was so proud to do things that matter,
With grants and awards, and a few giveaways,
Every morning here felt like a new Christmas Day.

Then, what to our wondering eyes should appear,
But our company’s leaders with a vision that’s clear,
Care for our customers, and follow the Code,
They called departments by name, and onward we rode,

On Sales and on Service, on Marketing and Claims,
On Field Marketing Managers (they know you by name),
Fill all their stockings with savings and surety,
And 100 more years  of CalCas security!

California Casualty

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