Roger P – Peace Officer | October NAH Finalist

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Roger has been a deputy sheriff for the past 5 years. He was destined for public service, starting his career as a volunteer firefighter at 18, then as a volunteer deputy while having a full-time job. Roger is also very involved with the Red Cross. He received certification from the OSU fire service while still in high school.

Roger dedicated many years to the Brushy Mountain Fire Dept. During a wildfire, with a year-long drought working against him, Roger drove the only running water truck to nearby houses, until neighboring departments could help. His efforts saved 5 families’ homes.

In 2004, Roger joined with American Red Cross to help Hurricane Katrina evacuees from New Orleans relocating to Oklahoma. Locally, Roger was the Disaster Action Team Leader, responding to fires within the four counties he was in charge of.  Roger’s family tells us that he takes time out of his schedule to volunteer as a senior counselor at Oklahoma boy’s state and has been since 2004. As counselor in charge of Police academy, he shows teenagers the aspects of the duties of police officers.. Roger also works with local business for sponsorships for students to participate each year.

In 2008, Roger joined the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office as a Reserve officer. Colleagues of Roger say they can always count on him, no matter what time, day or night. Roger speaks and visits local schools to talk and interact with children about Law Enforcement.



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    Richard Phillips says

    I am very Proud to know Roger he has a heart as large as he is and am Honored to have had the chance to get to know him while he and I were in Full Time Academy together I am a Field Training Officer at my Agency and he is the epitome of what an Officer or in his case a Deputy should strive to be! He most definitely has my support and my vote!

  2. 6

    Mary Jo says

    Roger P is a true hero! He is and over 6’6″ lovable teddy bear. He is kind gentle and caring in everything he’s involved in. He literally follows all rules to a “T” but does it with compassion!
    He gets My vote 1000 times over!

  3. 7

    Roger P. says

    Thank you so much for the support!!!! I didn’t become a Deputy for glory or fame, but you guys and girls are making me feel like a super star!!! No matter if I win or not I will still put my vest and belt on everyday and protect Muskogee County!

  4. 8

    Whitney Royse says

    I vote for Roger Posey. A great officer a great friend a great brother and a great uncle. The best all-around person!!!

  5. 10


    Roger is a great example of a HERO. He has diligently pursuing a career as an Officer of the Law. He is past-president & past-setnile in the Muskogee Future Farmer of America, a student member at Boy’s State and has been and is presently, an Adult Counselor and presenter at Oklahoma Boy’s State. Student really like him.
    Roger loved to help people. He has volunteered as a Police Cadet, Red Cross volunteer on the local, state and national level on his own time.
    There is much, much more to Roger. I hope you have a chance to meet him.

  6. 14

    Dale Perry says

    GOOD JOB Roger it doesn’t surprise me to here this about you. Your a great person Roger and my wife and I are proud of you!!

  7. 15

    Blake Smith says

    I am a very close friend of Roger Posey, and have known him for over 10 years now, There aren’t many like him!!! He works hard at being a Deputy for the County of Muskogee, putting his life on the line day after day. Roger has also volunteered for the Oklahoma American Legion Boys State program for the past 10 years! He is an OUTSTANDING Mentor to Oklahoma’s Youth, Deputy for Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office, volunteer for the American Red Cross, volunteer firefighter and upstanding American. I am so proud of his accomplishments and just wanted to let others know a bit more about Roger’s Contributions and Achievements! Proud of you brother!

  8. 16


    Roger has grown a lot since I had him I second grade!! It’s so nice to see my second graders suceeed in life and become great citizens . Way to go Roger!!!

  9. 17

    Polly says

    Please vote for this wonderful peace officer. He comes around and checks on the elderly in his neighborhood in bad weather. He make sure that we are safe. We don’t have many people like him left in this world. Please go vote for Roger P Hero of the month