Performance-based assessment is rapidly becoming popular.  Student portfolios play a large role in this method of assessment and tell a story of student learning, achievement, and growth.  Student-created portfolios help educators, and students, reflect on assignments, effort, and improvements that can be made.  The following digital student portfolio tools will assist you and your students in creating meaningful, 21st Century portfolios.

Kidblog – Safely and securely publish student writing, audio, visual, or video projects.  Simple to use and kid-friendly.   First 30 days are free.  After your trial, you can choose memberships of $44 per year or $9 per month.

Padlet –  Similar to a piece of paper, Padlet allows students to safely create a post of any kind.  Padlet is flexible.  Use it as a portfolio, a platform to blog and communicate, upload files, or simply make lists.  The first 30 days are free.  Teacher plans are $99 per year or $12 per month.

Evernote – Take notes, organize, archive, upload files, share ideas, and sync with multiple devices.  The basic plan is free, and yearly paid plans offer more options and storage (Plus = $35/year and Premium = $70/year).

Pathbrite – Free interactive showcase portfolios.  Upload student work using simple drap-and-drop tools.

Three Ring – Free for students, teachers, and parents.  Allows users to securely upload student work, document, organize, comment, and access from anywhere.

Wikispaces Classroom – A social writing platform where students and teachers communicate and create projects.  Free for teachers and students.

VoiceThread – A single educator license will cost you $79 per year or $15 per month.  This secure web-based program permits users to upload images, videos, documents and presentations.  Additionally, users may comment on one another’s work using any mix of text, microphone, webcam, telephone, or audio file.

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