They work long hours supporting and educating our children. How often have you taken the time to say thank you? Here are 25 simple ways to say thanks:

  1. Give a sincere thank you in person
  2. Slip a thank you card on their desk
  3. Write a special note in your child’s homework folder
  4. Send a kind email to thank them for something specific they did for your child
  5. Have your child write a note or draw a picture for them
  6. Stop in for a brief moment before or after school to say thanks
  7. Tell the principal and other administrators how much you appreciate your child’s teacher
  8. Send in supplies for the classroom
  9. Volunteer in the classroom
  10. Chaperone a field trip
  11. Volunteer to help with something at home (cutting out lamination, organizing files, etc.)
  12. Offer to come in and help make copies or work on a special project
  13. Give a gift card for Teacher Appreciation Week
  14. Donate an iTunes gift cards so the class can download new apps
  15. Buy a book to donate to the class library
  16. Bring in homemade treats
  17. Deliver a cookie, or other tasty treat from a local bakery
  18. Find out what their favorite snack is and bring it to them
  19. Recognize them with some takeout for lunch
  20. Make a bouquet of pencils or highlighters or other school supplies
  21. Compliment them on Facebook
  22. Bring in their favorite soft drink or tea
  23. Give them flowers
  24. Buy a gift certificate they can use at a bookstore
  25. Help with stress; bring a relaxing gift – bath salts, soothing lotions or gift certificate for a pedicure

Here’s another way to show appreciation for a teacher that made a difference in you or your child’s life; join the National Teachers Hall of Fame’s (NTHF) “One In A Million – Teachers Who Make A Difference” campaign. Anyone in the U.S. can place a teacher’s name into the Hall of Fame archives with a $1 donation. Donations of $125 will also get the teacher’s name placed on a brick of the NTHF donor’s wall of fame. Learn more about honoring a teacher at

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