It’s all about commitment.

Like the commitment of Elizabeth Thompson, who may have said it best, “The really good teachers are the ones you remember; they stick with you all your life.” The Oakdale, California teacher is the most recent winner of a California Casualty $2,500 Academic Award. She added, “I teach because I want to make a difference in each child’s life. [Thanks to California Casualty] I can now do things that I couldn’t do before.”

Elizabeth, a second generation educator, is passionate about finding new ways to enrich and stimulate her students who have learning challenges.

We realize that all too often educators are the unsung heroes working hard to make sure our children excel. They give their time, encouragement, and frequently their own funds to make sure their students learn and achieve. Their reward is the satisfaction that they made a difference in a child’s life.

While we might remember a favorite teacher that motivated us, few of them get the public accolades they deserve. That’s why California Casualty has teamed up with the California Department of Education (CDE) as the Presenting Sponsor of the 2015 School Recognition Program that honors educators who inspire students to succeed, recognizes schools that continually show high achievement and celebrates the support staff that provides the backbone for quality education. California Casualty’s support makes possible the following California School Recognition Programs:

  • California Gold Ribbon Schools – honoring exemplary public schools which demonstrate significant gains in narrowing the achievement gap
  • Teacher of the Year – recognizing exemplary teachers and their contribution to quality education
  • Classified School Employee of the Year – highlighting those who symbolize the profession’s commitment to education
  • California Green Ribbon School Awards – recognizing schools that accomplish great things in the areas of sustainability and health
  • California Blue Ribbon Schools – celebrating schools that promote and support the improvement of education

With a relationship that spans more than 63 years, we understand that great teachers often need help to accomplish great things. They get support from fellow educators, encouraging leaders and schools that go outside the box with new ideas, new technology and thinking that allows instructors to do what they do best; stimulate young minds to reach to new heights.

California Casualty has a commitment to educators like Elizabeth. We do more than provide the CTA Auto and Home Insurance Program, we give back to the communities we serve in meaningful ways that have real impact on their lives. These include the $2,500 California Casualty Academic Award, that helps offset the money that educators spend of their own funds for classroom supplies and equipment; the California Casualty Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grants, given to public high schools in California that demonstrate the greatest need for their sporting programs; and the Impact Teen Drivers “Create Real Impact” contest, that awards students and schools that design the best interactive messages to prevent distracted and reckless driving – the number one killer of teens today.

Teachers and support staff do make a difference. They are committed to our children and that’s why the CDE’s School Recognition Program is so important, and why California Casualty is proud to be a sponsor.

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