Educators are some of the hardest working people around. You’re dedicated to the young minds searching for learning and guidance. Despite the obstacles, you persevere and push through for your students. And it’s not just an individual story; there are almost 118,000 school teachers and thousands more support staff who make New Jersey’s public schools great.

But of those 118,000, how many get recognized for the special work they do?

That’s why the “New Jersey Teachers That Rock/Teachers Who Make Magic” awards program is so valuable; it highlights educators who collaborate, innovate, arrive early and stay late to connect with students and deepen the learning experience. Best yet, the nominations come from parents, students and fellow educators who notice the exceptional work being done.

For example, Laurie Miller, a special education teacher at North Brunswick High, was honored for bringing the excitement of learning into her students’ lives – both in and out of the classroom. She created award winning programs, which also garnered national recognition, that enrich her students’ daily experience and prepare them to be independent adults.

Susan Zega was cited as a “one in a million teacher” at Somerset’s Mac Afee Road School for thinking out of the box to treat each student as an individual. She also started a student run garden that benefits the local food bank.

It’s that dedication that makes California Casualty proud to be a sponsor of the “Teachers That Rock/Teachers Who Make Magic” recognition program. We can all remember a teacher who made a difference – motivating us to succeed or to take pride in our strengths – yet few of them got the public accolades they deserved.

Because our commitment to educators spans more than 63 years, we realize the long hours you put in at both home and school and how much of your own money you use for classroom supplies and projects. In addition to awards, California Casualty gives back in tangible ways that have real impact. These include the $2,500 California Casualty Academic Award, which helps offset the money that educators spend of their own funds for classroom supplies and equipment; the California Casualty Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grants, given to public high schools that demonstrate the greatest need for their sporting programs; and the California Casualty $7,500 School Lounge Makeover, providing a more comfortable and aesthetic environment for instructors and staff to relax and recharge.

Teachers and support staff do make a difference. You’re committed to our children and that’s why the “New Jersey Teachers That Rock/Teachers Who Make Magic” recognition is so important, and why California Casualty is proud to be a sponsor.


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