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Michael knew he wanted to be a firefighter from a young age. His family says he has always had the compassion and drive to help people. Michael got his start around the fire community when he served as a Police, Fire and EMT dispatcher. He used the experience to start learning about firefighting.  From there, Michael joined the Fort Smith Fire Department, where he served for 11 years.

While working for the fire department in July 2009, Michael got a call that changed his life. He was called to a two-story building on fire-with two people trapped inside. Michael immediately rushed into the burning building to rescue both men. One man managed to escape, but the other was unconscious due to smoke inhalation.

Michael was able to pull the man from the burning building.  He was rushed to the hospital, and recovered after a few weeks.  During the rescue, Michael sustained severe shoulder injuries, leading to multiple surgeries and eventual retirement.  He then went on to start a company with his wife.


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