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LaVees’ coworkers and friends say that ‘Best’ is more than just her last name- it also perfectly describes her care for the teaching profession and her students. LaVees started her teaching career at a middle school with many social-economic challenges.  Wanting to motivate and reward her students, she took it upon herself to create student recognition programs. She also served as the Associate Student Body Advisor.

In just three short years, coworkers say she transformed and organized student programs into much-needed ‘student affirming machines.’  Now working at the high school level, LaVees is frequently visited by past students hoping to catch up or share their successes with her. Her personal determination as an educator to make a difference has transformed LaVees to be an inspirational role model. Now teaching in the English department, she has broadened her school’s range of literature. Her coworkers say LaVees ‘moves forward with deep conviction about the possible impact she could make on both students and staff.’ From all accounts, she is making quite the impact indeed.


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