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Emily has been working as a Trauma and Burn Intensive Care Unit nurse for 3 years now.  Emily had such a huge impact on one of her patients and his family, multiple family members wrote to us about this extraordinary nurse.

It all started when the victim, a young man about Emily’s age, was admitted to the hospital. He was unconscious and had no family present at the time.  Not wanting him to be alone or his family to worry, Emily and her charge nurse got to work searching for clues on how to find and alert his family.

They were able to track them down, and they immediately traveled the 120 miles to visit their son in the hospital. Throughout the patient’s stay, Emily cared for him and his family as she would want someone to do for her. Even though the patient was still unconscious and in a coma, Emily talked to him frequently, kept him company, and encouraged his family to do the same.

With all of this happening right at Christmas time, Emily said she could not imagine the family’s stress. Emily remained right by their side, checking in on her own time, bringing Christmas baked goods, and comforting the family to her best ability.  His mother and grandmother remember how gentle, patient, and caring Emily was throughout the whole experience by easing their fears and calming their nerves. Emily says she takes pride in getting to know people on a personal level.

Knowing she has impacted someone’s life positively is what she loves about her job. As for the patient’s family, they could not say enough positive things about the incredible difference Emily’s beyond-the-call care made in their lives.


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