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Earlier this year, the right training combined with the right timing helped Julian save a toddler’s life. Julian, a volunteer paramedic and firefighter, happened to be driving past a stranger’s house when he noticed a woman outside screaming into two cell phones. Thinking she may be in trouble, he stopped to help. The woman was on the phone with 911 Dispatch. Her son, a 2-year-old boy named Decker, was nearly unconscious at the foot of the stairwell just inside the door. The woman was outside waiting for the ambulance, confused before realizing she was on the line with the wrong dispatch. The confusion meant that it took several minutes for an ambulance to arrive. In those precious moments, Julian began CPR and kept Decker alive until paramedics arrived. Once he got the ER, the medical team removed a pushpin that was lodged in his throat, choking him. Decker’s mother calls Julian her son’s guardian angel. Julian is currently serving with the United States Armed Forces as a medic doing EMS work in Afghanistan.

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