One thing I love about working here is that I hear a story about how someone made a customer’s experience wonderful on a nearly daily basis. The folks here at CalCas take a great deal of pride in the care they give customers, and it shows when we receive letters like this, from Joseph and Hilary in Oregon (edited a bit to remove some personal information).

Fred –
My wife and I have been with California Casualty for many years and have always enjoyed your competitive rates. Not until recently have we had to deal with your claims department and to be honest hopefully we don’t have to again for some time as being in an accident is not fun.

However it is important that you know how AMAZING our experience was with the claims department. We had a bad accident which caused a tremendous amount of stress in our lives. It was quickly determined that we had a total loss and Richard took over our claim. He quickly reached out to us to informed us of how the process would work.

Richard kept the communication lines very open and we felt that we were truly appreciated as customers throughout the entire process. We felt that Richard went out of his way to show us that he and your company cared about helping us move past this unfortunate situation. Here are a couple of the things that really stuck out from our interaction with him however there were many other moments that he exceeded our expectations with his service……

-Our claim was on his desk to be processed on the 31st of January. We had a new car in mind that we were getting at a discount but must be purchased that day due to end of the month push. I informed Richard of this the morning of the 31st and asked how much our settlement would be for so that we could determine if this was the right choice for us. He moved us to the top of the pile and got the info back to me within about 3 hours. This allowed us to save a good amount on our new car purchase.
-Richard made the process of getting the funds released quickly very easy on us. He gave simple instructions of what he needed from us and informed us where we were at along the way and we now have the settlement check (much faster than anticipated I should add).
-I am not sure how much say Richard has but we were also very happy with the settlement amount and Richard’s explanation of how it was determined. This prevented in arguing back and forth about what we were entitled to.

Again there was more but we don’t want to go on too long. I know from our interactions that Richard is a great asset to your team and brings a real value to being a California Casualty client!

Richard told us in an email that he still holds onto “the belief that you pay premiums for coverage AND service”. Before this accident my wife and I didn’t believe this. We do now!!!!!

If we can give any other feedback on our service from your claims department (specifically Richard) please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Two EXTREMELY satisfied clients

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