Roger P – Peace Officer
NAH Hero of the Year Finalist

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We are honored to have the opportunity to recognize each of these heroes. In our book, they are all Heroes of the Year!

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rogerpRoger has been a deputy sheriff for the past 5 years. He was destined for public service, starting his career as a volunteer firefighter at 18, then as a volunteer deputy while having a full-time job. Roger is also very involved with the Red Cross. He received certification from the OSU fire service while still in high school.

Roger dedicated many years to the Brushy Mountain Fire Dept. During a wildfire, with a year-long drought working against him, Roger drove the only running water truck to nearby houses, until neighboring departments could help. His efforts saved 5 families’ homes.

In 2004, Roger joined with American Red Cross to help Hurricane Katrina evacuees from New Orleans relocating to Oklahoma. Locally, Roger was the Disaster Action Team Leader, responding to fires within the four counties he was in charge of. Roger’s family tells us that he takes time out of his schedule to volunteer as a senior counselor at Oklahoma boy’s state and has been since 2004. As counselor in charge of Police academy, he shows teenagers the aspects of the duties of police officers.. Roger also works with local business for sponsorships for students to participate each year.

In 2008, Roger joined the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office as a Reserve officer. Colleagues of Roger say they can always count on him, no matter what time, day or night. Roger speaks and visits local schools to talk and interact with children about Law Enforcement.


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    Mary Jo says

    Roger Posey is a true Hero. Being the line Firefighter that day where he fought father wildfire to save 5 homes that day. He is there putting his life on the line everyday(like so many others) to help someone.

  2. 3

    Jo says

    Being the lone firefighter this horrific day he fought off fires to save 5 homes that day. As a Red Cross volunteer helped during flooding in Katrina and in Illinois floods and tornados across Oklahoma. As a Peace Officer Roger Posey is there in all types of weather patrolling around Muskogee County.
    We couldn’t ask for a better Hero to represent us as a Hero!

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    Polly says

    Roger is a true hero to so many in Muskogee County. He has been there in all types of weather. He has helped in talking to people who have lost hope, calmed children in varying circumstances, comforted many families.
    He checks on his elderly neighbors bringing milk and bread when they can’t get out.
    He has fought fires, worked with Red Cross in two Hurricanes assisted in floodings in Oklahoma, Illinois and Texas. And tornadoes across Oklahoma. He is a true HERO!

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    Emmey L says

    Deputy Posey is our HERO!
    When there was an altercation out by our home one night, Deputy Posey showed up and made sure our neighborhood was safe. He came and checked on a lady that had been ran off the road (her car was flipped over on its side) by an estranged boyfriend. We thought that her boyfriend was still in our neighborhood, and we were scared!
    He checked around our neighborhood, making sure the lady in the car and our neighborhood was safe before he left. He was assuring. confident and in our eyes, heroic!