Jeff B – Firefighter and EMT
NAH Hero of the Year Finalist

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We are honored to have the opportunity to recognize each of these heroes. In our book, they are all Heroes of the Year!

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Jeff BurkeIn 2012, Jeff responded to a medical emergency. As the 34-year volunteer Firefighter and EMT loaded his patient into an ambulance, a nearby fire truck popped out of gear and started to roll. As the truck came towards them both, Jeff shoved his patient out of the way- saving her life as he took the entire brunt of the impact. The force of the hit pinned Jeff between the vehicles, breaking both femurs, two bones in one shin and his pelvis in two spots. After several surgeries and months of recovery, Jeff’s surgeon told him his injuries would prevent him from firefighting. He now continues to work full time as a director of sales.




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    Marsha Burke says

    Jeff has always been a caring man who never hesitated to put others before himself, with this act being a prime example.