Protect Your Identity at Tax Time

Here at CalCas, we’re not just concerned with your auto insurance or home policy, we’re also concerned with your overall financial health and safety! That’s why we partner with great companies like Identity Theft 911 to provide you with tools and information to protect your identity.

Tax time is a high time for scammers and scoundrels to strike. We have a great guide that covers 14 things you should do to protect your identity during tax season. If you want to download it – simply head over to our Facebook Page, make sure you’re a Fan, and download the full report. This is information we’re offering to Facebook fans only, as a way of saying thanks for connecting with us!

Click here to download the report!

Quick updates for Friday

TGIF! I hope everyone out there had a great week.

I want to remind everyone that we are giving $5k to some lucky educators in Colorado. There is still time for you to enter and win (provided you are a CEA member in CO) – go to School Lounge Makeover to get your chance to win!

We also teamed up with Identity Theft 911 to provide all of our Facebook fans a great guide to protecting yourself at tax time. We’re not advertising just yet, so I wanted to give blog readers first crack at it. We’re going to share a lot of Fans Only content in the coming year – so click that “Like” button and bookmark that page! Go here to get the guide.

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