Resources and Helpful Tips

Here you will find a variety of resources and helpful tips in the form of checklists, infographics and more. Whether you are looking to understand the meaning of an auto insurance term, creating or updating your home inventory, or looking for safety tips for yourself or your family, California Casualty is here to help. These resources are available to everyone to download, print, save and share.  

Home Maintenance Schedule

Home Maintenance Schedule Checklist

Home Inventory Checklist

Home Inventory Checklist

Wildfire Prep and Protection

Helpful Tips to Protect Your Home and Be Prepared for a Wildfire

Auto Insurance 101

Auto Insurance 101 - Helpful Tips

Pet Fire Safety

Pet Fire Safety Resource

Bicycle Safety

Bicycle Safety Resources

Chimney Safety

Chimney Safety Tips

Home Fire Safety

Home Fire Safety Resource

Soft Skills to Teach in Your Classroom

Life & Insurance Changes

What to do After a Parking Lot Accident

Insurance Coverage Checklist

Insurance Coverage Checklist

Renter’s Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist for Renter's

Towing and Roadside Assistance

Towing and Roadside Assistance - How it helps

ID Theft Defense Tips

ID Theft Defense - Resources to keep you safe

Classroom Design Tips

Classroom Design Tips

Emergency Preparedness Kit

Resources - Preparing an Emergency Kit

Car Seat Safety

Resources - Car Seat Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

At-Risk Fire Areas in Your Home

At-Risk Fire Areas in and Around Your Home

Buying vs. Leasing a Vehicle

Winter Driving Safety

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