Nominate a Hero – December

Congrats to Mark R – our Hero of the Month for December!

Voting for this month is over, but you can nominate YOUR hero here, and they will be eligible to be a Hero of the Month Finalist in coming months!

You may only vote once via each method – the winner will be announced on December 21st! Please note, the number of pins and tweets reflected below are the total number of times the page has been shared, not individual votes – we have a tracking system to tally those internally!

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Scott D. | Nurse (Read the Full Story Here)

Before going into nursing, Scott saved lives as a combat engineer & infantryman with the US Army, jump master, parachute trainer, rescue scuba diver and former Fire Chief. Now a home visitor for a Hospice unit, Scott often brings his dogs with him on home visits. Scott also serves the homeless in his area and is active with the Veteran’s Association.

John B. | Firefighter (Read the Full Story Here)

The son of a Chief of Police and Registered Nurse, John knew he wanted to be a fireman at age 2. John started the nonprofit Firefighters for Fun after purchasing a fire truck and transforming it into an educational tool almost 30 years ago. Now, he travels the country educating children and saving lives with his ‘If you can be Heard, you can be Rescued’ motto.

Mark R. | Firefighter (Read the Full Story Here)

To Jessica M., Mark Ryzac is the ultimate hero. Seven years ago, Mark responded to a bad wreck involving Jessica and her young daughter. Jessica recalls how Mark comforted her and kept her calm, all while assessing her health and helping fellow firefighters cut her from the vehicle. Mark, Jessica, and her daughter have all been friends ever since.

Marilyn M. | Educator (Read the Full Story Here)

Marilyn has dedicated more than 40 years of her life to Education. She got her start in the early 70’s, teaching deaf and blind students. Marilyn then moved to a small Alaskan village to teach Special Education. For years, she traveled around Alaska, evaluating and writing programs for severely handicapped children and teaching Special Education and Kindergarten. After 30 years of teaching, Marilyn retired to Oregon, where she is still actively working and volunteering.

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