Insuring Your “Home Field” For the Big Game


The Big Game is almost here.  You’ve got the chips, the dip and the big screen is ready for the friends and family you’ve invited over. While you and your guests are expecting a good time, there could be one thing missing: homeowners or renters insurance. Let’s face it; things can happen, especially when emotions […]

Buying a Car? Avoid a Flood of Tears


It’s time to purchase a vehicle. You’ve saved money, researched the safest ones, and now you’re ready. New would be great, but many of us are choosing to save money and buy a previously owned vehicle. You know you need to be careful and have the car checked out, but did you do an inspection […]

Getting More Traction: Best Tires for Winter


If you are losing your grip this winter, have you checked your tires? They are the essential piece that keeps your vehicle on road surfaces even when they become slick with snow and ice. Having the proper tires for traction and control can keep us moving despite the best efforts of the coldest season of […]

Surviving the Cold with These Hacks


So I went out to start the car this morning and the ice was so thick I couldn’t scrape it off the windshield. When I tried opening the door to start the car and get the heater and defroster working, the lock was frozen. Has this happened to you? I thought I’d look up some […]

Is it the flu, or a bad cold?


The confetti has been cleaned up and the noise-makers are put away for another year. But, with the New Year comes a new bout of aches, fever and coughs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that flu cases have reached epidemic levels in the U.S. As of January 5, 2015, 43 states are […]