5 Craziest Things an ER Nurse Will Ever See

So, you want to be an Emergency Room nurse – that’s where all the action is, right? That may be true but Kyleigh Roessner RN-BSN has this list of the 5 Craziest (and True) Things you might encounter in the ER:   1. Foreign bodies (things found inserted in the human body)     2. Tragic [...]

Your Identity is At Risk Again


Think about how many things you do using your smartphone, your laptop and your tablet. Whether it’s banking, checking on your child’s grades or shopping for new clothing, your passwords, accounts and other information are vulnerable. Now, there are two new warnings about security breaches involving computers and cell phones that highlight the real threat [...]

Maintain Before Summer Ends


From pulling weeds to cleaning floors, it seems that work around the house never ends, but it’s a lot easier to tackle before winter storms and cold weather move in. As we enjoy the last few months of summer, now is a good time to do maintenance that will prevent damage, prepare your home for [...]

Tips to Transform Your Big Move

New Home_iStock_000017258296Small

There’s excitement and anticipation associated with relocating to a new place to live; you get to pick the paint colors you love, maybe there is a new yard to plan and that extra room you always wanted. If you are preparing for a new home or apartment, you are not alone; the U.S. Census Bureau [...]

6 Ways to Secure Your Facility’s Weapons


Keeping guns and ammunition secure can be a full-time job for any law enforcement professional, but proper storage options make this task easier. This article, the last in a three-part series, looks at six ways to secure the weapons in your station. You can read part 1 and part 2 to take a closer look [...]