Leslyn Wiese NAH March 2015


Leslyn has been a nurse for 20 years and her close friends call her a healer. Whether it’s a person, or small animal, she stops to give the best care to each one with compassion and kindness. Leslyn works in the ICU unit in Arizona. There was a 2 year old that had been burned […]

A High School Teacher’s Guide to Classroom Management


Classroom management is one of the central facets of teaching … and often the most difficult. This is especially true for high school teachers, because teenage students tend to be more rebellious and uncooperative. By understanding the challenges you face and learning to strengthen your classroom management skills, you can promote a healthier learning environment […]

5 Ways Teachers Can Encourage Classroom Discussion


Whether at the elementary or post-graduate level, teachers everywhere often struggle with facilitating classroom discussion. You may have one or two students who are completely engaged, but too often you catch yourself wishing everyone would share their thoughts for a better overall learning environment. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to encourage meaningful discussion. Understand […]

Springing Forward May Set You Back!


There’s a lot of debate about the spring time change; it’s nice to get more daylight but the effects may not be worth it – kids are tired and cranky and many of us are exhausted from losing the hour of sleep. If you are feeling “out of sorts” the week after the change to […]