California Casualty Partners with California Department of Education

Susan Tom Torlakson Beau Lisa Gold Ribbon Schools 5.19.15

Pictured here from left to right are: Susan Frantz (Group Marketing Team Manager, California Casualty), Tom Torlakson (CA Superintendent), Beau Brown (CEO, California Casualty) and Lisa Almeida (Assistant Vice President Group Marketing, California Casualty) The Association of California School Administrators and California Casualty are mutually committed to serving members who lead great schools. California Casualty […]

What’s Your Excuse? The Story of Traffic Tickets


I think we can all admit that one time or another we’ve been in a hurry and exceeded the speed limit. Sure, it’s not safe, it depletes your gas mileage and you could get a stopped by an officer. And, when it happens your heart is pounding and you are nervous, but apparently you can […]

What’s Cooking? 10 Hot Firehouse Recipes


We’ve often wondered how they do it. We are talking about cooking for the crew at a fire station. Think about it; it’s hard enough preparing food for a family, but it’s even harder for a couple dozen men and women who might have to bolt at a moment’s notice. Any firehouse cook knows preparation […]

Hot Summer Song Playlist


Here are all the songs you need for Summer. Pool side, in the car, or jamming out with headphones these are the perfect songs for fun in the sun. Which songs would you add to the list? Share in the comments below. *May not be appropriate for all audiences. Summertime- Billy Stewart School’s Out- Alice Cooper […]

What NewlyWeds Need to Know about Insurance


Odds are you know someone who is getting married this summer. Now through September is when the majority of weddings take place each year in the U.S. While it’s a time of joy and dreams of the future, there are many important decisions: how many people to invite, is there a need for a wedding […]