California Casualty Prepared for America’s PrepareAthon


  Today is America’s PrepareAthon, the culmination of FEMA’s National Preparedness Month. The idea is for individuals, communities and organizations to be prepared for six specific hazards: Earthquake Flood Hurricane Tornado Wildfire Winter Storm The message is that families, businesses and neighborhoods should know their risks, have a plan of action and prepare survival kits. [...]

Top 10 Car Seat Safety Mistakes


  Price isn’t Everything, Especially when it comes to Safety.  When it comes to purchasing car seats, the more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean “more safe”. There are car seats for every budget. A lot could be additional features, easy to use, or brand popularity.  According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) ALL CAR [...]

Earthquakes: What Now?


Ask anyone who has experienced a large earthquake; the experience is not fun. Walls shake, the earth rolls, and you have no control over what might happen for the next few seconds – or up to a minute – as the roller coaster continues. Californians are more aware after the recent temblor in Napa. Now, [...]

5 Craziest Things an ER Nurse Will Ever See

So, you want to be an Emergency Room nurse – that’s where all the action is, right? That may be true but Kyleigh Roessner RN-BSN has this list of the 5 Craziest (and True) Things you might encounter in the ER:   1. Foreign bodies (things found inserted in the human body)     2. Tragic [...]

Your Identity is At Risk Again


Think about how many things you do using your smartphone, your laptop and your tablet. Whether it’s banking, checking on your child’s grades or shopping for new clothing, your passwords, accounts and other information are vulnerable. Now, there are two new warnings about security breaches involving computers and cell phones that highlight the real threat [...]