Todd Harwood Hero of the Month: April 2015


Todd Harwood goes above the call not only as a peace officer, but as a good friend. He used to coach Judo for a local High School team.  When a friend’s house was robbed and several thousands of dollars of jewelry and firearms were stolen, they called Todd for advice (after calling 911 of course). […]

Firefighter Fitness: Life After Amputation

Jeff bike 3

Jeff Bryan is a firefighter who doesn’t let adversity keep him down. Jeff returned to full time work in March 2015, just slightly less than a year after his right leg was amputated below the knee. Jeff severely injured that leg in a 1991 skiing accident in Colorado. He “limped by” in pain until doctors […]

A Firefighter’s Guide to a Healthy, Balanced Life


Few jobs are more stressful on a daily basis than being a firefighter. Not only must you deal with dangerous situations, but you’re also required to stay healthy and fit. Whether you’re facing hectic hours and demanding duties that leave you tired at the end of the day, or spending long hours doing little but […]

Tornados: Don’t be Left Twisting in the Wind


Springtime is tornado season in the United States. Many people have been lulled into false sense of security by the relatively slow start this year. But once again Mother Nature flexed her muscles sending destructive storms roaring through much of the Midwest. As the cleanup of twisted metal and splintered wood continues, it’s a reminder […]

Parched California Sparks Fire Worries: Essential Tips to Protect Your Home

Exceptional Drought

California is parched, and bracing for another scary fire year. Once again, much needed rain and snow has eluded the state. The snow pack is a paltry six percent of normal and this January through March was the driest ever in recorded history. The U.S. Drought Monitor has much of the Golden State in extreme […]