10 Must Do’s to Protect Yourself on Cyber Monday


This is the season of joy, shopping, and unfortunately, cyber thievery. While millions of Americans will be looking online for Cyber Monday bargains, crooks will be trying to steal their money, personal information and identity. In fact, a recent survey found identity fraud increased by more than one million victims in 2012, with criminals stealing […]

California Casualty Gives a Shout-Out to New Jersey Educators

Educators are some of the hardest working people around. You’re dedicated to the young minds searching for learning and guidance. Despite the obstacles, you persevere and push through for your students. And it’s not just an individual story; there are almost 118,000 school teachers and thousands more support staff who make New Jersey’s public schools […]

Preventing Frozen Pipes: Tips to Avoid Winter’s Grip


You and your home have ridden out one of the coldest nights of the year; the weather is warming when suddenly you hear water running inside a room. It’s a burst pipe, which can lead to substantial damage in your home. How much damage can a broken pipe cause? The Federal Emergency Management Agency estimates […]

Now is the Time to Apply for an Athletics Grant for Your Students


Whether your school needs new safety equipment, uniforms or funds to get students to sporting events, now is the time to apply for a Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grant from California Casualty. Hurry, entries must be received by January 15, 2015 for 2014/2015 consideration. California Casualty will award grants to public high school athletics programs […]

Simple Ways to Stay Warm This Winter


It happens every fall; as the first frigid Polar air makes its plunge into the U.S., many of us are scrambling to find the hats, gloves and extra layers we put away for summer. Hopefully you have had your HVAC system checked and replaced the filters for maximum warmth on these cold days. Here are […]