October is Fire Prevention Month


October is almost over but the risk for home fires increases as the temperatures drop. To finish out October we want to examine your preparedness. Did you know? On average, 7 people die every day from a home fire On average, 36 people suffer injuries as a result of home fires every day Over $7 [...]

Fall: A Critical Time for Your Yard


As the temperatures cool and the leaves begin to fall, don’t think your yard work is done. Autumn is a critical time for lawns, gardens and other landscaping. What you do now will impact how nice your lawn and garden look next spring. Did you know that fall is when Kentucky Blue Grass starts regenerating [...]

October is National Bullying Prevention Month


By Mark Goldberg, California Casualty  I have a terrible admission to make: my daughter was bullied and I failed to recognize it. She is now a freshman in college and has used her experience to write her college admissions essay. While she is succeeding at school and in life, the scars of the insults, name [...]

Lillian Maldonado French NAH October 2014


Lillian Maldonado French, as an educator and superintendent of Mountain View School District, has worked hard to make sure each student is making academic progress. She has integrated ways to provide resources for students, families, and staff in order for students to have what it takes to obtain academic goals. While the school is in [...]

California Casualty Academic Award Winners: Then and Now


$2,500 can go a long way, especially for educators. It’s no secret that teachers spend out-of-pocket money for their students; what might surprise many is how much. A recent study from the National School Supply and Equipment Association found 99 percent of instructors used an average of $500 of their own money to equip their [...]