Notice for California Casualty Policyholders in New Jersey


California Casualty & Fire Insurance Company has decided to stop writing auto and home policies in the State of New Jersey. Again, this is for economic and business reasons only, and not because of any individual consideration of your record.

Here are some FAQs to provide additional information:



When will this affect my policy?

We have proposed that non-renewals will begin with policies with expiration dates on or after January 1, 2024. Once the New Jersey Division of Insurance approves our petition to withdraw, we will provide you with additional information on both timing and next steps. You will also receive an official notice of non-renewal in the mail for your auto and/or home policy prior to the expiration date(s).


How do I find out when my policy will expire?

It’s on the letter you received:

sample letter

How do I find out when my policy will expire?

Or you can log into your account at


Will I need to find a new insurance company?

Yes. However, no action is required at this time as your policy will remain in effect until your expiration date, at which time you will need to secure replacement insurance for your auto and/or home.

We are here to assist you and may have options for you through our Agency Services Partners at 877-652-2638. If you are an NEA Member in NJ, you can obtain a quote and explore the options available through Travelers (the new Auto & Home Insurance carrier from NEA Member Benefits) today at 833-200-3559 or by visiting here.


Can I cancel my policy BEFORE the expiration date?

Yes. You can cancel your policy at any time and switch to a different insurance company. In doing so, we will send you a refund for any unused premiums that you’ve already paid.


Will I still receive the same great service from California Casualty?

This does not change the high quality of service that we provide. During your active policyholder period, you can continue to count on the exceptional service you expect and deserve.


If I have a claim, will California Casualty be able to pay?

Yes. Rest assured, California Casualty will continue serving customers and pay claims, just as we always have.


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