Battle of the Blog Rules

California Casualty is proud to host the 2012 Battle of the Blogs! We have selected some of our favorite Law Enforcement, Nursing, Education, and Fire & EMT blogs out there. During June and early July 2012, we will profile one blog per day. The finalists will also be competing against each other—via voting—to win a donation to a charity of their choice.  One blogger from each category will win. The voting for Battle of the Blogs will end Sunday, July 8, 2012.

Inclusion in this contest does not imply endorsement by California Casualty or any of its partners or groups. The content on external sites is the sole responsibility of the site owner, and in no way reflects the views or opinions of California Casualty and its partners. 


Can I vote more than once?

Our voting mechanism is set up to allow only one vote per category, per computer.


I am a blogger. Can I participate?

If you are interested in participating in future Battle of the Blogs competitions, email Abbye at We select our blogs based on blog writing, content, design, and post frequency. We can not garauntee that all submitted blogs will be profiled, there are simply too many.


When does Battle of the Blogs 2012 end?

The voting ends on Friday, July 8. We will announce the winners during the following week.


What charity receives the winning $200 donation?

The beauty of the Battle of the Blogs is that we let our bloggers decide which charity they are batting for. Depending on who wins, the recipient of the charity donation will change. To see which charity each blogger would support, visit their voting page.


Have a question not listed here? Feel free to contact Abbye at 

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