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As school returns from holiday break, teachers have just a few months left in the school year. Of course, it sounds shorter when you say it out loud compared to the actual amount of activity that is crammed into those remaining months. For your mental health and self-care to help you finish the school year, we want teachers to take the wellness oath:

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Then recite the following.

I will make sure that I am fit and well enough both mentally and physically to support my students effectively.

I am a great teacher. No matter how busy I get I will put my student’s well-being at the heart of my teaching.

 I will seek support when my work-life balance is out of focus before the issue becomes serious.

I will support students where appropriate if they do not have emotional support from home.

 I will take constructive criticism and feedback and let go what was not useful to my professional development.

I will continue to do things that I enjoy and make plans with friends, family, and nights out without feeling guilty.

I will look after my co-workers to check for signs of stress and be a support system for those who need it.


You got this! Be sure to read this as much as needed. Summer break is approaching and you will make it. For more teacher mantras, visit here.

What encouraging words do you have for other teachers? Share with us below in the comments.



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