California Casualty’s $7,500 School Lounge Makeover® is Back

Did you know that bland gray, beige and white surroundings produce feelings of sadness and depression? It’s no wonder few of us feel reinvigorated after spending time in such an environment. But for educators, that is often the reality because the school lounge is one of the most neglected areas of school.

California Educators don’t have to endure a school lounge that is dull, drab and less than inspiring!

You give so much for your students and communities and you deserve a space that allows you to take a break and revive for the rest of the day.

California Casualty’s $7,500 School Lounge Makeover® can transform the ordinary space you go to eat, relax, recharge and share with your colleagues into something extraordinary.

Be the champion of your school and enter California Casualty’s $7,500 School Lounge Makeover at A number of California schools have received them, and your school could enjoy one too.

Warner Middle School – Westminster, CA

Math and Science instructor Richard G. was renamed “Hero of the Day” after receiving a school lounge makeover for Warner Middle School in Westminster in 2012.

Sunnydale Elementary – Lancaster, CA

Sixth grade instructor Kendra B. was ecstatic after the lounge at Sunnydale Elementary in Lancaster was revitalized with soothing colors, new appliances and comfortable new seating in 2013.

Gilbert High School – Anaheim, CA

At Gilbert High School in Anaheim, instructors are enjoying comfortable lounge chairs and furniture, vibrant artwork, new appliances and better storage after Brady M. won a school lounge makeover in 2014. Brady said before the transformation, he avoided the lounge.

Madrid Middle School – El Monte, CA

And just before retiring in 2015, Principal Bonnie T. was moved to tears after seeing the revitalized lounge she won for Madrid Middle School in El Monte. “I’m happy for the teachers and staff because the area needed serious attention,” she said. “To have a place that is a real break room will make a difference for everyone.”

Don’t just dream about a refurbished lounge for your school; enter for a $7,500 School Lounge Makeover from California Casualty at

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