Earth Day, observed on April 22nd, is a convenient opportunity to discuss environmental concerns and promote environmental awareness with your students.  Check out the following websites and activities for Earth Day resources to use in your classroom.


United States Environmental Protection Agency
Head over to for a variety of Earth Day resources.  Learn about the history of Earth Day, watch Earth Day videos, find out how to be an eco-conscious consumer, and explore classroom project resources and lessons.

PBS LearningMedia
Search a large range of free resources by grade level, subject, and resource type. offers lesson plans, documents, images, audio files, and videos from popular PBS television series.

Teaching History

Find a collection of activities, quizzes and lessons at  Students can explore the history of Earth Day, conservation, and primary sources related to the environment.

Science NetLinks
Prepare for Earth Day using Science NetLinks lessons and resources.  Find teacher-friendly lessons, printables, audio files, videos, interactive and hands-on materials covering a variety of topics including conservation, ecosystems, ecology, and more.



Host a Solar Cookout
Challenge students to make a solar oven, then have cookout together!  Explore alternative energy sources using solar energy.  This activity from Scholastic walks you through the process of hosting a solar picnic including reading materials, instructions for building a solar oven, free printables, and other great resources about solar energy.

Tracking Trash

Students track how much trash is thrown away in the school cafeteria. Using a simple data table, students will identify the types of items thrown away (plastic, foil, paper bags, bottles, banana peels, etc).  This information can then be used to create posters to hang in the building encouraging staff and students to recycle or use re-usable lunch items.  Take it a step further and start a composting project!

Comparing Light Bulbs

This lesson from asks students to compare compact fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs.  Students will learn about energy efficiency through this experiment.  Grab your light bulbs and thermometer!

50 Earth Day Activities for Kids

TinkerLab’s 50 Earth Day Activities describes kids Earth Day activities using natural materials, recycled materials, and creating outdoor art.  From building a Fairy Garden to Making Your Own Nature Journal, these Earth-inspired activities will encourage kids to be kind to Earth.



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